Enhancing recovery prior to collection

customer service peopleOur Extended Business Office (EBO) service adds additional highly experienced customer service representatives to assist in customer contact and recovery. Placing accounts directly to collections is a last step scenario. A lot of times, if more time and resources were available, your customers would have paid. Our EBO is like having additional staffing resources available to communicate with and maintain your customers. This service enhances recovery prior to collections and, as an extension of your office, maintains the highest quality of customer service while meeting your expectations.

All your policies are followed and your customers will be handled the same way your current staff handles them resulting in saved time to spend with all the other day-to-day aspects of your operation. Our EBO duplicates all invoices/bills that you currently use and is totally transparent to your customers. This process benefits every business office. With EBO, dealing with customers prior to collections often results in significantly lower fees.

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  • Invoicing/Statements: Using your exact format, colors, logos, etc., seamless and transparent.
  • Presumptive Charity Evaluation: Helps quickly identify patients that are not financially able to meet their obligations. This process helps identify the likely need for financial assistance.
  • 501r compliance assistance for hospital practices: Ask us about our program.
  • Payment Plan or Budget Plan Management: Our focus being on recovery, this results in reduced length of payback time while increasing the average payment size amounts.
  • Call Overflow: Acting as an Extended Business Office (EBO), we assist in call overflow during high call volume times at your busy office.
  • Self-Pay Recovery: Total focus on your self-pay population including statements and telephone calls.
  • Pre-Certification & Copay and Deductible Management: Modern approach and full service program. From verifying coverage, co-pays and deductibles to setting up arrangements on patient responsibility amounts.
  • Insurance Follow-up: Our experienced staff can handle all phases of insurance follow-up. We can assist your needs from Commercial and Workman’s Comp to Auto.
  • Small Balance: Free up your staff from the small balance accounts to spend more time on the others. We all know it takes the same amount of time to recover smaller accounts as it does to recover larger accounts.
  • COB Recovery: Specialized program designed to aid in COB Rejection resolution. Our robust approach focuses on obtaining the necessary information and re-processing of your claim.
  • Special Projects: Our diverse and specialized representatives can work with you to cater a service that will fit any of your growing needs.